Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

Your official visit may be a combination of any of all of the below facets, all with the goal to get you more interested in the school and program!

1. Attend a class with a player: sitting through a college class is a great way to help you picture yourself at the institution.

2. Meet with an academic advisor: you may get a meeting with the team's academic advisor who can tell you about academic requirements, study hall info, the class registration process. The academic advisor is a great resource throughout your collegiate career!

3. Take a look at student housing: taking a look at the dorms is important so you can see where you will be living! 

4. Meet your teammates: there will be many opportunities throughout the visit to interact with your potential future teammates. You will get a great idea about the team culture and chemistry during your visit.

5. Watch a practice or a game! You'll be able to see how the team prepares for training and competition!

6. Meet the athletics staff: you'll be able to meet with all the strength coaches, training staff, and other members of the athletics department who are important to the program. You may even get to sit down with an athletic director!

7. Meet with the coaches: you'll be able to hear about their goals, how they see you fitting in with the program, and get to know them on a more personal level!

8. Tour the athletics facilities: in addition to seeing the academic buildings and housing, the third most important place to see is the facilities you will be spending a TON of time in!

9. FUN ACTIVITIES! Coaches usually set up movie nights, team outings, special dinners, attendance to big games, etc. all to help you get comfortable and see what your life may be like as an athlete at the school.


Make sure to take it all in and embrace every aspect. Official visits are exciting times! Make sure to enjoy the experience!


**Please note: Every school approaches official visits differently and has various compliance rules and budgets they need to manage for visits.

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