Monday, July 26th, 2021

Before heading out on your first official visit, the college coaches will ask you to get a few things together:

1. Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center (you can do this even before you start going on official visits)

The purpose of the NCAA Eligibility Center is to make sure you will be eligible to compete at the school. When you register, you will receive an NCAA ID number. When you give your ID number to coaches, it also has a secondary role of tracking how many official visits you go on. (You are allowed 5 official visits across all D1 institutions!)

*This is only needed for D1 & D2 schools

2. Send your transcripts and test scores so they can be submitted to admissions.

This is to make sure your academics are at the school standards.


To help you prepare for your visit:

1. Pull together a list of questions you want to find out about the school and program while you are there. They could be questions for the coaches, players, teachers, or academic advisors.

2. Know how you will respond IF you are given an offer at the end of your visit. This does not always happen during a visit, but it may and you want to be prepared!

Page Last Updated 8/5/2021