Wednesday, June 16th

Everything that gets posted to a social media platform (privately or publically) cannot be taken back. Even after it's deleted pictures, comments, and remarks can live forever in a screenshot. 


In high school and collegiate sports, there are so many examples of a tweet, snap, or post resulting in negative consequences, sometimes to the extreme of a loss of an offer or removal from a team. To avoid those situations, think about these tips before posting anything to your account!


1. How would people you are not close with perceive the post? Would your grandma approve?

2. Be nice!

3. You represent more than just yourself. Everything you post reflects your family, your team, your coach, and your school.

4. Do not post any inappropriate pictures- think about how a college admissions staff member or your future boss would react to what you are posting.


For more advice on social media, check out the “Social Media and Recruiting” resource in your resource library.

Page Last Updated 6/17/2021