PF Recruiting

The roadmap To your recruiting journey

Welcome to Player First Recruiting!


Player First Recruiting (PFR) is a full web platform that works to better guide your recruiting journey.  Designed to dynamically adapt and maximize success based on each player’s chosen level of engagement. PFR is an administratively fueled, technology-based compliment to all that is already done on behalf of the players.


This platform was built from decades of experience and success in the college recruiting process. We are excited to take all of our knowledge, experience, and guidance a step further by empowering every player to take control of their personal recruiting journey!  


PFR will provide real-time tools, status dashboards, and relevant resources to help our families navigate the complexities of recruiting for all interested, 8th-12th grade.


Questions about the Player First Recruiting platform? Contact

*For the summer of 2021: Player First Recruiting will be in a Beta Test with select teams from the SMP Family of Clubs.