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The roadmap To your recruiting journey

Welcome to Player First Recruiting!


Player First Recruiting (PFR) is a full web platform that works to better guide your recruiting journey.  Designed to dynamically adapt and maximize success based on each player’s chosen level of engagement. PFR is an administratively fueled, technology-based compliment to all that is already done on behalf of the players.


This platform was built from decades of experience and success in the college recruiting process. We are excited to take all of our knowledge, experience, and guidance a step further by empowering every player to take control of their personal recruiting journey!  


PFR will provide real-time tools, status dashboards, and relevant resources to help our families navigate the complexities of recruiting for all interested, 8th-12th grade.


Questions about the Player First Recruiting platform? Contact

*For the summer of 2021: Player First Recruiting will be in a Beta Test with select teams from the SMP Family of Clubs.

Key PFR Features

The Player First Recruiting Platform will provide real-time tools, status dashboards, and relevant resources to help our families navigate the complexities of recruiting for all interested, 8th-12th grade. Please see below for more information on the key features and highlights of PFR.

Recruiting Profile

  • Visible to college coaches
  • One-stop shop for all important and relevant player information

Live School List

  • Every NCAA and NAIA school has a profile 
  • Includes many layers of public information compiled in a simple profile for each school
  • Allows the player to designate their level of interest in each school as well as for the player to mark the level of academic fit for each school on their list 
  • Club coaches and directors have access to every player’s school list
  • School lists will be used to allow the club to reach out to college coaches on the player’s behalf

Messaging System

  • Easy accessibility to directly message college coaches
  • The player profile is automatically included in every email to a coach
  • Once conversations are started on the PFR website, they can be continued in the PlayerFirst Club App

Task Lists by Topic and Grade

  • Help keep players on track and organized each year
  • Guide players on what they need to do and when they need to do it

Profile Activity 

  • Allows players to see the number of coach interactions with their profile
  • Tracks number of the profile, document, and video views on player’s profile

Resource Library

  • Every email template, resource, and video included in tasks can also be found conveniently in one place

Interactive Calendar 

  • The team’s game and event schedule automatically reflected in the PFR calendar
  • Gives player the ability to add all events outside of team schedule; camps, showcases, campus visits, testing dates, etc. 
  • Once events are added, specific task lists will be automatically timed and triggered appropriately to keep player engaged with tasks without getting overwhelmed

Dashboard for Profile Activity and Task Status

  • Up to date status dashboard to show how on top of your tasks you are this is tied to the calendar to keep player on track (Premium)

Virtual Education Videos

Click on the links below to view the virtual education recordings from past sessions

October 2021: Emailing College Coaches

Player First Recruiting Blog

PLAYER FIRST RECRUITING BLOG: see below for tips & Insight into the recruiting process

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PFR Membership Levels



Option 1- Club Level:

  • Communication Template & Resource Library
  • Tasks to Complete; Organized by topic and grade level
  • Collegiate Profiles; School information is available to help you build your target school list
  • Recruiting Profile; Includes videos, documents, and all relevant player information
  • Messaging System; Easily communicate with and track college coach engagement


Option 2- Premium LEVEL: All-Club level features plus,

  • Guided and directed tasks
  • Time-saving tools to simplify top priorities
  • Personalized calendars; including non-club events that prompt custom tasks
  • Alerts and specific feedback on schools viewing profiles, videos, and documents.


What if I want personal guidance through the process?

Coming Fall 2021: Premium Level members have the additional option to access a personal Recruiting Advisor who will further personalize the recruiting process by offering highlight video reviews, feedback on email drafts, set up individual meetings, answer questions as they come up throughout the process, and overall provide 1 on 1 attention.