frequently asked questions

Please see below for some of the most frequently asked questions and answers. Don't see your question below? Reach out to recruiting@playerfirsttech.com with any further questions about Player First Recruiting!

When should I begin my recruiting process?

The bulk of active recruiting runs from Freshman to Junior year. Consistent activity and communication during this period are essential to a successful process. There are ebbs and flows to the yearly calendar, but there are at least 2-3 “hot” times when a great amount of time and effort are required.  

We recommend beginning the process during 8th grade to help gain a full understanding of what goes into a player's recruiting process. During 8th grade and through your Freshman year of high school, the main focus is on player development and school research.

At the end of the day, the more engaged a player is in the recruiting process, the more they will get out of it.

what is the duration of the recruiting process?

The recruiting process is viewed as a 5- year journey. Beginning in 8th grade, the process does not end until a player makes their final school decision in their Senior year of high school.

What makes Player first recruiting (PFR) different from other recruiting platforms?

Player First Recruiting is an online platform that simplifies recruiting and guides players through their personal recruiting journey. Through education, thorough task lists, calendar automation, and easily accessible communication with college coaches, players are able to stay on track and up to date with the necessary actions to complete. 

what is the importance of the PFR messaging system?

When you message coaching staff through the PFR system, there are a number of benefits. A few key elements are:

  • No need to look up college coach emails! This saves players and club staff a tremendous amount of time!
  • The player's recruiting profile is automatically included in the message, giving college coaches direct access to your recruiting information.
  • When college coaches interact with elements of a player's recruiting profile, there is live tracking of views and activity to provide feedback on reach.

Can I join player first recruiting if I am not in 8th grade?

Absolutely! You can join at any point between 8th grade and Junior year. For best results,  it is wise to join as early as possible.

*If you are a senior, you must request permission in order to join the platform, because the number of tasks can be extremely overwhelming.

Why are recruiting videos so important?

With players and colleges spanning the entire country, providing coaches with full game footage and highlight videos are the key to maximizing visibility. If you can get a coach's attention with highlights, it is more likely they will come to see you play in person.

Can I use my PlayerFirst Club App with recruiting?

The Player First Recruiting website was developed separately from the Player First Club App. For the best user experience, we recommend accessing Player First Recruiting from a computer.

Privacy Settings: Who has access to my profile information?

  • Parents/ guardians
  • Club coach/director
  • Any college coach you email through the system

*All persons must be logged in to view a Player's Recruiting Profile

Who Can I contact?

Recruiting-related questions:

For any questions pertaining to your specific journey or the recruiting process in general, please message Jayne Roth through the PFR message portal or email jayne.r@playerfirsttech.com

Task-related questions:

For any recruiting-related questions, you should message recruiting support through the PFR message portal or email recruiting@playerfirsttech.com 

Tech-related questions:

For questions on technological issues, you may message tech support through the PFR message portal or email support@playerfirsttech.com